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We have 14 candy options that come in three unique sizes. Our candy is unique because we add a Mexican twist to the classic American candies. Give yourself and your loved ones the ultimate sugar rush when your purchase our spicy candies, tangy candies or candy platters - all made using our in-house recipes. We also offer a monthly candy subscription that delivers our unique products directly to your door.



American Candy With a Mexican Twist

Do you need something special for your candy store? Turn to Tangy Treasures. We're a candy manufacturer offering high-quality wholesale candy options with a Mexican twist. You're guaranteed to feel like you struck gold after tasting one of our sugary peach rings. While our treats are safe for kids, they're designed for adults with a sweet tooth. If this is your target demographic, then our products are perfect for your shop.

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Why shop with us?

Feel like a little kid again with our tasty, tangy treats. We are committed to providing you with candy you can not only enjoy eating but that you know are made with high-quality ingredients. We're the go-to candy retailer because we:

  • Add a Mexican twist to traditional American candies
  • Craft our candy in-house
  • Make our products using high-quality ingredients
  • Have a wide selection of candy for kids and adults

Ask about our unique variety packs! Our two-ounce boxes are filled with samples of our tasty candy. Try one or try them all.

Stock your pantry with classic American candy with a Mexican spin.